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Simply put, I love cosmetics and beauty products. I'm always looking for great buys and products to try out and if they're good, I'd be happy to spread the word. Apart from my YouTube channel, I've decided to blog about the products that I love as well as share my makeup experiments, recreations, reviews and more as I learn more tricks and techniques (and shop!).  Hopefully, through this blog, I'm able to contribute to the online beauty community and be of service to my readers and followers.

Born and raised in a city in the Land Below The Wind, Sabah, North Borneo, East Malaysia (yes, my birth place and hometown comes in many names), the beauty scene is still in its infancy here and although product selections are limited, it hasn't stopped me from making use of what KK has to offer, shopping in KL & SG, online shopping and picking up products from countries I travel to.  Like I said, I love cosmetics and beauty products and probably most of all, I love a good shopping experience.

You can also take a peek at my personal blog where I talk about non-beauty related topics (OK, so some beauty talk slips in every now and then) at simply elixelle.

Naturally black


Naturally straight

Shoulder blade length

Oily roots, dryer ends


Left eye: double eyelids

Right eye: monolid

Normal to combination

Light to medium skin tone

Yellow undertones

Foundation &
Concealer Shades

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