Friday, August 16, 2013

Color Pop Workshop with Roshar (Day 2) - The Runway Show!

So a couple of days turned out to be more like a couple of weeks later.  The days leading up the Raya festivities (a.k.a. Eid ul Fitr) was surprisingly hectic considering this year was a more somber celebration in KK.

A few days of sore throat later, here I am balancing myself on a gym ball bringing the second chapter of Roshar's workshop to you and wrap up my experience.  But first, Happy Eid/Raya to all my muslim brothers and sisters. *smile*

OK now.  On to the show!

Basically Day 2 was all about showcasing what we've learnt from the workshop in a fun way.  I mean, what's more fun than a fashion show right?  Especially with the beautiful kaftans sponsored by the wonderful Faeeza Boutique (Kompleks Karamunsing) and Catch22 -- the adjoining hotel restaurant -- so graciously lending their space for the catwalk stage.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back To School Promotion from Sigma

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Color Pop Workshop with Roshar (Day 1)

Wow. Would you believe 6 months has gone by since my last (first?) post here and I wish I had some sort of excuse to justify my absence but really, life happened. Anyways, I think I'm a bit more in tuned with my schedule and let's get the ball rolling again shall we?

Some time in June I received an email from MUAH Studios regarding a make up workshop at Oceania Hotel here conducted by Roshar, an international make up artist from NY/LA.  Of course I got super excited and wanted to jump on the opportunity right then and there.  Then I saw the price tag.  I'm not going to lie, but the RM499 (early bird price) and RM799 (regular price) cost made me hesitate and really consider foregoing the workshop altogether.  Fortunately I managed to convince myself on the last day of the early bird promotion that this was going to be an awesome experience and totally worth investing in especially since it isn't often that we get an MUA as established as Roshar in our little city.

Let me start by warning you that this post and the next is going to be quite photo heavy (20+ photos each) so please bear with me through these posts. I am incredibly glad I attended the workshop and definitely learnt some great techniques and tips from Roshar.

Beverly Shim, Owner of MUAH Studios
Our gracious host and co-organizer for the workshop

Roshar, International MUA
Our fun and entertaining instructor/teacher

If you've never attended Roshar's workshops, I definitely recommend that you do.  He has a very informal method of conducting the workshop and is so much fun to learn from.  He's very warm and friendly and everyone in the room were not afraid to approach him to ask questions or just chit chat.

For more information on Roshar and to see more of the work he's done, check out his website here.