Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

For my first product review here, let's talk about the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream.  I know I haven't reviewed much Asian brands/products in the past mainly because I don't particularly indulge in them but after watching Michelle Phan's January 2013 Favorites video (here) awhile back, I thought why not give it a try. After all, we had a few Holika Holika stores in town.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Holika Holika is a South Korean brand of skincare and cosmetics established in 2010 with a magical theme attached to the brand. Holika Holika is also supposed to mean beauty-holic.


The product's outer packaging/box is a pretty sea green colour with mostly Korean descriptions and information. It's nice that they also had a panel with the product info and ingredients list in English as well for us non-Korean proficient beauty lovers.

As for the actual product packaging/bottle, it's a sturdy glass bottle in the shape of a jelly cup with a sea green cap that comes with a spatula applicator attached. The bottle itself isn't quite travel friendly and I'd love if they had a travel version of this for sale as well. Alternatively, I suppose I could just transfer a little bit into a small jar for that purpose.

I've had mine for a little while and they've recently changed the packaging design so if you're thinking of getting it, it might not be in the exact same packaging as the one I have here.


When it comes to the product itself, it really had an interesting texture (which unfortunately my photography skills aren't able to capture properly). I've tried other BB creams in the past and this had a completely unique texture, almost pudding-like.

The BB cream is available in 2 shades and only comes in a size of 40ml. The product has a pleasant light fruity scent to it and a sponge is included in the box for application. Also fret not, this UV Protection Sun Care Cosmetic has an SPF of 20 PA++ (although it doesn't mention UVA/UVB protection on the packaging).


Product application is pretty straight forward and easy. I spread a small amount on the back of my hand with the spatula before using my hands to dot the product onto my face. I haven't used the sponge included though as I've been buffing the product on my face with either the real Techniques Stippling Brush or their Expert Face Brush which works rather well for me.

The sales assistant at the store where I'd bought the product from advised me to apply with a sponge for that dewy glow as applying by means of fingers seem to mute the dewy effect.

Although the product had an initial pudding-like texture, it spreads beautifully on skin and has a very light almost watery feel on skin during application. Apparently there's mint water in the product as well which gives the skin a slight cooling sensation. Very nice for those hot summer days and tropical climates.


The Aqua Petit Jelly sets to a gorgeous soft focus satin finish while making my complexion look brighter and smoother with decent coverage. For me it worked great minimizing pore appearance too. I also loved that it performed quite well through my sweating during the day (yes, thank our hot and humid weather). However, I do recommend light powdering for extremely oily skin types just in case.

Overall my skin feels hydrated and evened out without looking like I've caked on my make up which is a winner in my book.


If you're interested to try this product out, it's available at all Holika Holika outlets (testers available in store) for RM71.90 (at time of purchase) or online at Sasa for US$15.90 (~RM49.20).


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